Customize the export file function hot.getPlugin for Hyperlink

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In UI i am displaying a table where defect column value is a hyperlink but when click on Export button It prints the html location for that defect id. I want to print only the defect number.
What condition i need to give under exportPlugin.downloadFile(‘csv’, {
columnHeaders: true,
bom: false,

Hi @putan18

export plugin exports what is defined in the data. If you’d like to print something else you’d need to use a custom renderer to show a link and change the data.

how to use custom renderer? i just want to paste the defect as 123 its coming as href<…123…>

Hi @putan18

here is an example When you open the editor A1 is A1, as the data it is also A1 so it will be exported this way. At the same time, the user can see a working link.