Data disappear if i focus on something else then the table

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I’m using the hook ''BeforeChangeRender" to render the changes of a formula on the table.
But after changes happen at the table, when i change the mouse focus off the table all Data disappear and it stays like this

Hi @matheusgmaciel

please provide the current logic of the mentioned hook.

Hey @aleksandra_budnik - sorry for the late reply

i’m using Angular’s the logic that i’m using at the project

this.hottableInstance = this.hotRegisterer.getInstance(;

this.hottableInstance.addHook('beforeChangeRender', (changes) => {
        if (changes) {
         console.log('CHANGES', changes);

Within that code, I can only see a log about the changes. So it seems that the error is related to one of those mechanisms related to the data change or any cell dependencies in your table.

Could you share the rest of your code? (perfectly in JSFiddle or any other sandbox)?