Date filtering

I saw another forum topic ( that talked about different conditions for filtering date columns, it mentioned ‘date_before’ I’m assuming there is also ‘date_after’. What about if I want to filter between 2 dates? Also sidenote, the tutorial doesn’t seem to have been updated to include the date conditions yet.

Hi @christine

You could extend the previous condition by the adding similar code snippet but with date_after - hot.getPlugin('filters').addCondition(0, 'date_after', ['1/1/2015'], 'conjunction');

Here is an updated demo -

It seems that we really don’t mention these possibilities -

I’ll create an issue on our docs repo.

Hi Piotr,

Thanks for that. Could you please also explain how to use the ‘between’ filter condition, and in not for dates?? How do I pass the 2 values ??


Here is a demo - - with the condition 'between 2 to 24’ in the second column.