Date ISO format problem

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I have a problem with date in ISO format , using validateCells with many lines a malfunction occurs. I can format the date server side but I prefer to format it client side (if it is possible).

I use the format in column definition
type: ‘date’,
dateFormat: ‘MM/DD/YYYY’,
correctFormat: true,

Can anyone help me?

Here an example of the problem encountered:

Thank you so much

Thank you for reporting. I will test it out and come back to you shortly.

ps. 1/11 is a national holiday so I guess it will be Monday.

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Sorry for keeping you waiting but I made a solid investigation and could get the mentioned line malfunction.

Could you please share a video on how to replicate the issue, @teodorakis80 ?

Hi Aleksandra, thank you for your help…
I made a example here, the table start with date in ISO format and after few second it is formatted (like flicker effect). My question is: Is it possible to start table with corret format defined in colum definition like this at the beginning ?
> dateFormat: ‘MM/DD/YYYY’,
> correctFormat: true,
> defaultDate: '01/01/1900’

Now I resolved the problem by format date directly in API json response (server side with date in format MM/DD/YYYY) but this is a workaround, I think it is better to format date client side, my entire project work with date in iso format :slight_smile:

If you expand table in screen and run the code you can watch the flikering, this is a screen:

The validateCells() method is the one to call the validator to check and rerender the table to meet the format. However, I can see that you already use it.

What concerns me is the fact that this should not load so slowly and noticeably. I guess that JSFiddle doesn’t help here as they have been having some issues for the last 10 hours (502 errors, jamming). But mostly it is the renderer and this case has to be further investigated.

Hi Aleksandra,

infact with table with few columns and rows the problem is visible but accettable…in my case I have many row 1000 and many columns 25 and the problem is visible…after 3/5 seconds the format is applied by the validateCells().

let me know if the problem can be fixed.

thank you