Display minimized column content

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Is there a way to display first x amount of characters / x rows of long column value and if data is longer, then clicking on cell displays full data in column or opens data in dropdown/modal?

Hi @karl

In the dropdown, we have to determine the source of the data. Here is a link to our documentation about this topic - https://handsontable.com/docs/7.4.0/demo-dropdown.html

Where is come to modal we don’t support this option.

If you could create simply the demo it could help to better understand your requirements.

For example if we have same amount data like in column B1, then I need to shorten it for example like in column C1, which consists of 98 chars and since full data is longer than 98 characters, it has “…” in the end. Now if I’d click the shortened version column (C1), it should open full data it has, like in B1. And again after unfocusing the C1 (clicking somewhere else), the C1 data needs to minimize.

Hi @karl

It is hard topic - first you could count the length of the string in each column. If the string is longest than some value you have to slice it.

After click to open full data you should create a custom editor.
But I don’t sure what type of actions you expect.

Definitely it’s a difficult subject.

That was the answer I was looking for - how can I replace value of every column where the string is too long, and how to display the original content after clicking on certain cell.

Hey @karl

how’s the development going? Is everything clear now?