Display the decimal number provided as it is for numbers

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What is the pattern to be used for the numeric data type to display the number as it is

For ex: i have provided data like 12.23223 , want to display same data.

columnDefinition.numericFormat = {

pattern: ???


i am using the above pattern which is working but is it correct?

Also the share the pattern examples documentation if we have any

Hi @sasimarudhuri76

Suppose you do not want to format a cell in any other way than how it is defined. But you still want it to be a numeric cell type. Then you skip the format. As in this demo https://jsfiddle.net/vtfdnam4/.
As you can see, the only formatting we do is to change -.5 to -0.5. The formatting is not changed but still, if someone adds non-numeric characters cell is marked as invalid.

Hi @aleksandra_budnik,

Thanks for your prompt response

I am using 1.18.1 version, where i unable to do the formatting. check the attachment for the same

We no longer have examples for version <1. But if you have an active support plan, please share your email to support@handsontable.com with the license ID, and I’ll find a person to provide you a working example.

Yeah thanks @aleksandra_budnik, i mailed to the email. Can you please help me in this

I’m closing this thread due to moving the conversation to the internal support system.