Don't know which col was changed if it's a function

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How do I know which cell was changed in beforeChanged event when column is not a property but is a function?


Hi Dan,

Thank you for the messages and the demo. I will check that and come back as soon as possible.

Sorry for keeping you waiting, Dan. I just noticed that my message hasn’t been send.

I do not have any final remarks on the topic, as the function may not be a supported way we define data. I have asked the dev team to confirm or reject the thesis and I will make sure to come back to this subject soon.

Hello, I am OK. I am using row[1].name to recognize to name of the function so from that I know which cell was changed.

Hi @dan

with our CTO’s help, I was able to define the support for using the function as a source for data defined in columns.

If you pass a different function to each columns data, you can identify the column by checking the identity of the function, as illustrated in a new fiddle:

Thank you for your input. We will make sure to update the docs.