Drag to fill and hyper formulas funcitonality is not working

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I am facing issue with button state and hyperformula When i enter first value and then drag to fill that value then it consider as null value

Demo: https://jsfiddle.net/sid15298/jred47gf/
how to resolve this issue?

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HI @adrian.szymanski Any progress regarding this bug?

Hi @siddhantjain15298

It looks that your issue might be linked to the current problem with React state manager that we have, you can read more about it here: https://github.com/handsontable/handsontable/issues/8372

What I noticed is that when the value you passed is not validated correctly then the autofill function works as it should, however, when it pass the validation then the autofill doesn’t work properly.

Hi @adrian.szymanski
When we can expect it to be resolved?

Hi @siddhantjain15298

Currently it isn’t on our roadmap and I can’t tell when it will be. I’ll inform you when we will manage to resolve that issue. You can also track the issue on our GitHub in the link that I sent you.

Hi @adrian.szymanski
Any views on this Bug as its been 30 days?

Hi @siddhantjain15298

It’s a big issue and would require a lot of work from our developers. I’ll inform you when we start working on it. Is that fine?

Yeah sure @adrian.szymanski Thanks for informing

Hi @siddhantjain15298

I just wanted to inform you that we released Handonstable v. 12.0.0 where the mentioned issue was addressed so you can check if the new version solves your problem.