Filter the list in dropdown at filter_by_condition

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We have a table with filter_by_value and filter_by_condition in the dropdownMenu. When we type in the filter_by_value input box the rows in the dropdown is updated as expected according to the filtered value. Is it possible to update this list at filter_by_condition as well? Thanks!

Hey @anton.hagermalm

I think that I’m missing something. Can you share the code and the bug scenario?

We would like to apply the filter_by_condition filter to the list below filter_by_value inputbox (see the first attached screenshot) and have it updated in the same way as with filter_by_value. We would like to achieve the same thing in screenshot 3 as in 2. Does this make sense? Is what we want to do achievable?

Sorry but this is not possible without changing the source code. Filtering API is poor for dealing with one filter type and in your example, you’d need to make a dependency between the filters. The action of manipulating the filter_by_value list is currently unavailable.

Okay, thanks so much for your help Aleskandra!
Have a nice week!

Thank you. Wish the same for you.