Filtering Record and trying to modify the data

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Duplicate of Applying filter and then rendering some values but changes are not picked

I’m filtering the record and modified the data. But data getting modified in wrong index

Updated latest verison also. But still problem exist

Hi @sathish.venkatesan

Would you be able to hare the same issue in a JSFiddle? I’ like to debug the code.

You can use this demo to add your settings

Hi @aleksandra_budnik

When you get a visual index and would like to convert it, you can use those global methods

Thanks, able to fix that one but if i add the new row after filtering this approch not working it resets the filter and inserts record at the below of the physical row but it adds the empty rows in between. Can’t replicate this in jsfiddle
Tried this one

But got this result

Could you add your settings to my demo ? You might be calling some hooks or methods between those operations (alter, filter).

Nope @aleksandra_budnik none of those events are used. Removed all hooks and checked. Still same issue

At this point, I can also ask for a demo where the issue can be replicable, @sathish.venkatesan . If we are able to replicate the same issue in JSFiddle we can debug the code and find the cause.