Fixed row height

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Hi, i using handsontable in my express project.

when i scrolling to right, table’s row height was resized.
how to fiix it?

and scrolling to left, row height is to be restored.

using rowheight option, all row’s height is same.
but i want to change the height of only rows with images.

Hi @luigifabbri1021

Did you try to add the autoRowSize: true to your settings?


i setting up autoresize option, but table is broken.

below is my setting codes.

how to fix it?

Can you share your columns settings and the logic of the image renderer, @luigifabbri1021 ?

here is code template


and test video url

watch the video before checking the code.

Is there any way to fix the error?

Thank you for the demo, @luigifabbri1021

Please check if adding viewportColumnRenderingOffset: 10, (in this case 10 is the number of columns) removes the issue.

Updated demo:

It’s perfect.


Great. I’m glad I could help. I’m closing this thread as solved.

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