Formula support for Excel R1C1-style References

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Would it be possible to add support for Excel R1C1-style references to your Formulas plugin - particularly in relative form (e.g. RC[-1] to reference the cell in the same row and the previous column), or is there already a way to do this? R1C1-style references would arguably make more sense than A1-style references in scenarios where rows and columns are not labelled with 1, 2, 3, … and A, B, C, …

On a related subject, can you give any indication when Formula support is likely to move from its current “not stable ALPHA version” (as described at to a production-ready state?

(After writing this question, I did find - which mentions R1C1 style and many other planned features. However, any other information you can share would be helpful.)

Hi @david.miller

thank you for sharing the proposition. We have discussed the subject some time ago. Currently, the Formula plugin has been held as on summer we will (hopefully) start a new Formula project (from a scratch) with a help of another dev team and a talented mathematician.

Thanks, Aleksandra - that’s helpful to know.

You’re welcome @david.miller

Let me know if you need anything else.