FreezeColumn not working on Cell Spanned HandsOnTable

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We have implemented grid with the cell spanning using mergeCells option, and we try to free the first column using this option ‘fixedColumnsLeft: 1,’,


Once we enable the fixedColumnsLeft, it became like above, fixedcolumn floating on spanned column

Is it possible to achieve the fixedcolumn on Spanned column?

Kindly Help.

Hi @prabu.kuppusamy

Can you share a demo?

I can see a similar settings here but the issue is slightly different.
Is your issue gone when you add rowHeaders?

Thanks for your response,

Yes, you are correct, when I enable rowHeader as true, the freeze column working fine, but we should not show the rowHeader in the grid,

Any possible way to achieve this? Kindly Help.

Please send a demo where I’ll be able to replicate that issue. I will see if there’s anything that can be done to fix it.

Kindly refer in this example,

If that jsfiddle didn’t worked, Kindly replace the code with this.

var hot = new Handsontable(example, {
    data: [
      ['Action 1', 'Paste', 4353, 4353,4353,4353,4353,4353,4353,4353],
      ['Action 1', 'Running', 5599],
      ['Action 1', 'Make', 8900],
      ['Action 1', 'Cooking', 9900],
      ['Action 2', 'Avoid', 7334],
      ['Action 3', 'Do', 1004],
      ['Action 4', 'Fishing', 6788]
    width: '30%',
    dropdownMenu: true,
    filters: true,
    columnSorting: true,
    rowHeaders: false,
    colHeaders: true,
    fixedColumnsLeft: 1,
    afterInit: function() {
      const filtersPlugin = this.getPlugin('filters');
      	filtersPlugin.addCondition(1, 'not_contains', ['ing'], 'conjunction');
     mergeCells: [
      {row: 0, col: 0, rowspan: 4, colspan: 1}

In this example, when scroll, the Action1 is floating alone.

Hey @prabu.kuppusamy

When I add

rowHeaders: function(){return undefined},
rowHeaderWidth: 0,

it fixes the issue

Let me know if it works for you.

Yeah, It’s working perfect… :slight_smile: Thank you so much.

You’re welcome.
I guess that we can close this topic.