Function populateFromArray changing formula to its result

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Hello, I’m having an issue with when initiating my sheet, for unknown reasons, populateFromArray function is changing my formulas for its results.

In beforeChange, I console.log changes and source:


I think this function is been called inside handsontable, so I can’t debug it.

Is there anything that I can do to avoid this issue?

Handsontable: 9.0.1
Hyperformula: 0.6.2

Hi @nathalia.pissuti,
I prepared a simple test example:
As you can see, there are no changes called by populateFromArray.

Could you share more information, demo or detailed steps to reproduce?
That will help us to define if and where the problem is.

Hi @nathalia.pissuti

do we have any updates on the subject?

Sorry, I had some other priority tasks, so I couldn’t focus on this yet
You may close if you want
Thank you

OK, sure. You can refer to this topic when you’ll be ready.