Getting cell value to send through AJAX

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So I was trying to get the next thing to work with my table

| Value 1 | Value 2 | Value 3 |

Based in my value 2, I want to filter my Value 3, but I’m not able to obtain value 2 to send through AJAX, right now I tried:

data: “model”,
type: ‘autocomplete’,
source: function (query, process) {
url: ‘partNumber.php’,
dataType: ‘json’,
data: {
query: query,
die: hot.getDataAtCell(0,2)
success: function (response) {

I tried to get the “die” value with getDataAtCell but no luck so far, so, Is it posibble to do this with hot? And if is posible, can the value be changed depending on the row where I’m typing?

Hey @carlos-ed94

can you share a data example / draft? What do you have in those columns (are they all autocomplete)?

Both are autocomplete (Value 2 and Value 3), Value 1 is an ID
Here is an example of the values:
Value 2 are Dies like this:
T1010, T1020, T1100, T1110, T1120, T1200, T1210, T1220, T2000, T2010
And in the same database, based in my Die I can get different part numbers like this:
5310001010, 5310001020, 5310001030, 5410001010, 5410001020, 5510001010.

All values are obtained from a database.

Die T1010 has 5310001010.
Die T1020 has 5310001020 and 5310001030.
Die T1100 has 5410001010.
Die T1110 has 5410001020.
And the list goes on like that.

I’m afraid that without a demo it will be hard to help. Can you share a JS playround demo (JSFiddle, CodePen, StackBlitz) or a .zip?

I emailed you the Zip file, let me know if you encounter any issue

Thank you.
I got the example. I will reply on emails.

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