Getting event data from beforepaste hook?

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I have been using the beforepaste hook to allow folks to paste data into the table. I manually get the data from the befrepoaste then run my own logic to insert/udpate data on the back-end.

I now have a requirement to allow people to paste a file into the grid. Here again, I want to get the file data and would manually upload/associate the file with the right record in the table.

Right now, the only attributes I can access on the beforepaste is data & coords.
I don’t seem to have access to the paste event, where I could then access the pasted file contents via the event.clipboardData atrtributes.

Is there some way for me to get this pasted even data in the beforePaste hook? Or how else might I accomplish this?

Hi @mhennessy7

Can you share a bit more details.

  1. What file is that?
  2. Do you want to attach an icon of the file in the cell or get some data from the file and paste it into the cell (text, images, link)

Hi @mhennessy7

do we have any updates here or can I close the topic?

I’m closing this issue as there is no feedback for nearly a month.
If you still need any guidance, please create a new ticket or message me at