[GH #3118] Handsontable border is missing

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I have seen inconsistency with Handsontable cell border.

I was checking to official site where also I found same things where some cells borders are missing but others have it. I don’t know what is happening here so can you please help us. We have seen similar behaviour in our app also. I have attached screen shot for you reference. Thanks in advance.

Hey @rohit.parwal

I think that you’re expericing something that we call a 125% zoom issue.
Could you check the browser and system settings for zoom. Do you have a 125% or any value other than 100% for zoom settings?

Hi @aleksandra_budnik

No we are facing this issue at 100% zoom level of browser. We haven’t change anything on browser setting. We are using google chrome.

Can you also check the system settings? My new Lenovo set up 125% as a default value for whole system.I guess that you’re using Chrome 76-77, and what is your system/device?

We are using chrome Version 77.0.3865.90 (Official Build) (64-bit). This is happening with 100% zoom level. If you scroll down & scroll up to monitor particular cell then sometimes its working. My point is inconsistency of border with huge data.

Can you record it please? I would need to replicate the issue to be able to fix it.

Currently it looks well on my device.

Windows 10, System zoom 100%, browser zoom 100%

I am not able to attach recording here so I have sent you mail at support@handsontable.com. Please take a look over there thanks.

Thank you. I got the file. It looks like the issue relates to click/cell selection as well.

Can you please go to the System > Display on your windows. It should look like this


And let me know what are all the screen settings?

Thanks @aleksandra_budnik. Is this display setting is related to Handsontable cell redereing ? What is recommended setting to use Handsontable ?

Yes, screen settings may interfere with table rendering. But mostly it is related to zoom.

Why? If system tries to zoom something it needs to multiple all the pixel values. In some cases we may end up with values like 0.(3) px. Those have to be rounded by the browser as it cannot work on parts of pixels. Those are very small values but if we multiple them by number of cells and border it gets messy.

I got it so Handsontable is working with 100% system setting zoom. Is there any possibility where you can change in your code to work with 125% zoom because this is default zoom setting we have in most of systems with windows 10. We need to ask our users to change their zoom setting to 100% otherwise and also this setting will impact others screen layout as well.

Please share your thoughts to work with 125% zoom setting.

this is exactly what I wrote in the bug report https://github.com/handsontable/handsontable/issues/3118

I have raised this subject 2 days ago on our dev meeting but as we are preparing a new major version all other tasks need to wait.