[GH #6553] Nested Headers with row span and colspan

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I want to achieve the following header

How can i do that

Please go through the below documentation you’ll be able to do that.

This doesnot allow me to use rowSpan

So far what you’ve tried?

I am using the following html code

    <hot-table class=".hot-container" id="mainTable" class="hot" [colHeaders]="columnHeaders" [rowHeaders]="true" [columns]="columnNames"
        [data]="data" [contextMenu]="true" [manualColumnFreeze]="true" [comments]="true" [mergeCells]="mergeList"
        [stretchH]="'last'" [manualColumnResize]="true" [manualRowResize]="true" [afterRender] ="afterRender"
    <ng-container #table></ng-container>

But I am not able to achieve nested headers

That’s true, we allow to use colspan but rowspan is not yet supported.

Are you planning to include the use of rowspan in any of your coming releases?

Not in the next version to be sure. We are focusing on releasing a stable 8.0.0 version now and are not adding any new features.

hi @aleksandra_budnik,

This thread was from November 2019. May I know if the current version is supporting rowspan already?

Thank you!

HI @knguyen

rowspan hasn’t been added to our Roadmap yet. The year 2020 was all about delivering the best structure of the library. In 2021 we will be adding some new features, but I do not see rowspan in the plans for Q1/2020. It may be added in the next part of the year though.

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Thanks Alexsandra.

We’re almost through with 2021, and I see no updates on such a feature to add rowspan yet. Very disappointing.

Hey @alexander.w that is true. We do not have any updates on rowspan. I guess that it was never on the top of the priority list.

I discussed the subject with one of our developers and he told me that the current structure of nestedHeaders and the use of colspan is generally constructed in a way it does not need many adjustments to support rowspan. This opens up the ability to create a custom plugin. At the moment we have the busiest time in the year so I am not able to propose full consulting but I will definitely do what is in my power to help you build such a plugin if you decide to do it. If you are interested please contact me at support@handsontable.com