[GH #6562] Hidden icon indicator overlapping collapsible icon

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In my grid, I have both the functionalities: Hide and collapse.

When hidden indicator property is true and user collapses the child columns then hidden indicator also displayed with collapsible icon. As hidden icon overlaps the collapsible icon , It is difficult for the user.

I want to show hide icon only when user hides the column not in collapse. Is it possible?

Please find the below screen shot and code base link.




You’re right @fayejitendra


we should separate them.

I reported it here https://github.com/handsontable/handsontable/issues/6562 and will update you as soon as we fix it.

Thanks for the update…I hope this will be fixed in version 8.

Do you have any update on this issue.

Hi. Not yet. And it’s not related to v8.0.0 scope. It should be easy to shift it with custom CSS.