[GH #6581] Restrict the Manual Column resizer to Handsontable width

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I need to resize the Handontable columns manually and at the same time I have to restrict the columns width shouldn’t be crossed the Handsontable width. I have used an options manualColumnResizer along with stretchH: ‘all’ and preventOverflow: ‘horizontal’ options and its working fine but Now, I got problem that column resizer getting crossed the boundary of the table.

Do we have any option in HOT which can restrict the manualColumnResizer to restrict it up to the table width?



Hey @sahu.mahendra88

currently, this option is unavailable. @pnowak wrote about this on our Github board https://github.com/handsontable/handsontable/issues/6581
I will update you once we get any news on that subject.