[GH #8937] Editing Long text in cell

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Hello all,

I used a simple example to create a 10x10 table


Now when i add a long text to one of the cells (generated by lorem ipsum) -

Now when i edit the lorem ipsum text field i see this -

Its just not user friendly, as i cannot see the rest of the text of the same cell and the other cell in the table. I have to copy paste this text in word, change it there and then paste it back.

Is there a solution for this issue?

Thank you

var hot = new Handsontable(example1, {
data: Handsontable.helper.createSpreadsheetData(10, 10),
colHeaders: true,
rowHeaders: true,
width: 700,
height: 300,
licenseKey: ‘non-commercial-and-evaluation’

The code i used

Hi @kedia.parijit. It seems that indeed it’s a bug within Handsontable. At the moment we have no solution to this, but you can always use colWidths parameter inside Handsontable configuration object to set its height to desired size.

Alright, Thank you so much for the reply.

Issue has been reported for further investigation: https://github.com/handsontable/handsontable/issues/8937