Handsonable directive for angular.js

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For using handsontable in an angular.js application, is there any other wrapper directive other than ngHandsontable? We want to use a newer version of handsontable in our application, and ngHandsontable only supports till 0.28.

Hi @minal

ngHandsontable has been recently updated to support Handsontable v8.0.0 https://github.com/handsontable/ngHandsontable/commit/50dedff72669e59b669fbfdab77cb4f6d28cd356

This is great. Thank you.
Will this also work with handsontable version 6.2.2?
One more question, I want to use the summary calculations and formulas in handsontable, is this available in the community edition or should i purchase pro?

Here https://handsontable.com/docs/6.2.2/demo-scrolling.html are the docs for v 6.2.2. On the left, there’s a list of features. PRO features are marked as ‘pro’. Formulas and summaries are PRO features.

If you plan to update to v 7+ licensing changes. Here’s more about that https://handsontable.com/blog/articles/2019/3/handsontable-drops-open-source-for-a-non-commercial-license Also I highly recommend sending us an email to sales@handsontable.com to explore all the licensing options.

is there a trial for the pro version so that we can evaluate?

We no longer offer trials, but for testing and evaluation, you can use the ‘non-commercial-and-evaluation’ key. You only need to purchase the license when you publish your project on the production.

With this license can we evaluate the formulas and summary calculations?

Yes, the use of the ‘non-commercial-and-evaluation’ key allow you to use all the features of Handsontable. So once you decide that the project is ready to be published you just replace the ‘non-commercial-and-evaluation’ key with the key you received with the purchase and the app is ready to go live.