Handsontable not refreshing with the latest data

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Hi Team,

Need your help on the below scenario.

I have handsontable Grid in the parent page having 15-20 columns and first column being checkbox and second column being an ID with the icon next to it.

Onclick of the icon in the second column I am passing the ID to the API to get the data. If the users checks multiple checkbox then I am passing multiple IDs to get the data for the selected IDs.

The I am opening a Modal Popup to bind the Data to a handsontable having different DIV id as in the parent page. Now the data binds correctly (for example have got 4 records from API) as per the data retrieved from the API.

I have a close button to the popup and the user closes the Pop up. next time when i select more check boxes and got the data from API (for example now i got 6 records from API). Now the the data is still binding 4 records to the Grid and the latest data is not getting updated to the handsontable.

while checking in the console for ht.getdata it has the old 4 records but not the latest data. is there a way to refresh the data properly.

My bind code looks like below

data: data,
columns: myCol,
colHeaders: getHeaders(),
filters: true,
dropdownMenu: [‘filter_by_condition’, ‘filter_action_bar’], // define filter menu
afterFilter: validAfterFilter,
renderAllRows: true,
hiddenColumns: { columns: [0] }

I tried creating new handsontable everytime while loading modal pup-up but that created new duplicate div in DOM everytime. hence I tried to destroy on close but the the previews classes to the DIV are getting cleared.

Need your help if there any suggestion on this scenario


Hi @chandup83

The subject sounds complicated to clearly define the problem and offer the solution without a demo.
So I would like to help you with that, but I will need a working demo first.

Hi @chandup83

what’s the progress on this topic? Have you had time to replicate the issue in JSFiddle?

@aleksandra_budnik, I understand my issue has lot of things to be done as part of creating a mock, however i was able to fix this and thanks for your response.

Just want to know if handsontable.clear() works with all the verisons of handsontable?

Yes, it works now, and will work in the next version (https://jsfiddle.net/vtka8q4h/4/ 8.0.0-beta2-rev20).

however i was able to fix this and thanks for your response.

Thank you for the update.