Handsontable Server Side Information

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Hey, documentation seems alittle unclear,
Can I set my application up so users can input table data > send inputted data to backend and run Hyperformula on the data > Send data back to a result table on the front end?

Looks to me like you only support this action for “one at a time” operations, I will have users inputting data into these tables and running the same formula on inputted data at the same time, how does Hyperformula differentiate whos results belong to whos origin data? trying to maintain formula secrecy so someone doesn’t just “view-source” and clone the formulas used.

Hi @harrison

It seems that a few operations are running simultaneously in your project, and you use HyperFormula on the backend and Handsontable on the frontend. However, as HyperFormula is also an engine for the Formulas plugin, I would need to specify how you set and connect the instance of HyperFormula and Handsontable. Also, do you use the Formulas plugin within Handsontable.

So at this time I do not have a backend implementation, I am looking at doing this for securing my formula’s

So the plan is to use handsontable on frontend, and then use formulas plugin for handsontable utilising HyperFormula to carry out the processing of the formulas on backend

However I am unsure how I could set it up so that the formulas for the sheets are stored on the backend then use hyperFormula to process those calculations for each user based off of the formula sheet.

The formulas I am using need to be secured and I would like keep them secured / not public facing if possible? Any user data that is entered to be calculated/processed is unique to each user so the way this data is processed and delivered must not be trackable/visible by other users

What would be an ideal approach of implementing a backend & frontend with handsontable and HyperFormula?

I also pay for Handsontable so not sure if this support request is best talked about through the proper support channels

Could you please contact me at support@handsontable.com? I think that at this point where you construct the scheme of the application, it would be a good idea to organize a quick call and exchange ideas.