Handsontable Styles are not getting applied for Webcomponent with ShadowDom

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Handsontable styles are not getting applied for Webcomponent with ShadowDOM in angular 9. Able to see for the handsontable classes ng-content params are getting append in handsontable.full.css

Hi @sasimarudhuri76,

Have you tried to put Handsontable’s CSS file in .angular-cli.json?
Here is an example: https://codesandbox.io/s/hungry-worker-r8e9c?file=/.angular-cli.json.

You can find more details in the official documentation of Angular: https://angular.io/guide/using-libraries (this part is common for v9+).

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Hi @sasimarudhuri76

do we have any updates here? Was the CSS file already correctly applied?

As there is no reply I’m closing this topic. However, free free to contact me at support@handsontable.com if anything new comes up.