Horizontal and cross collection operations

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Hello I have attached a picture of the list I have. I have to do this kind of calculation dynamically. I haven’t found any sample code like this. I will be glad if you help.
Thank you!

Table Picture

Welcome @truewd

how do you want to use that ‘while’? Under what condition should you NOT calculate those SUMs?

Hi @aleksandra_budnik thank you for reply.

If one of the A and B Fields changes, the last two columns will update itself like the picture above.

Our formulas always change if referenced cell changes. The value of a cell immediately changes in the formula cell. Here https://handsontable.com/docs/8.0.0/demo-formula-support.html is an example demo that you can check.
If you’d need anything more than that please feel free to let me know.

Hello again,
I can’t calculate horizontally for every row.

Here https://jsfiddle.net/AMBudnik/sj5fun36/ is a demo for your scenario. Does it meet your project requirements?