How do I merge functionalities of Autocomplete + Dropdown

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I have a requirement, wherein I have a dropdown and autocomplete.

  1. If in a cell value we are deleting some characters, we are getting the filtered response/suggestions for both based on the remaining characters and on clicking tab or anywhere else it selects the highlighted value. – This is fine and expected.

  2. But the question is that when we completely remove the characters, it is selecting the first option from the list on tab or clicking anywhere else-- I need this to be blank for both autocomplete + dropdown.
    I have tried to change ‘strict’ to false. but it breaks the functionality of point 1, as in it only keeps the remaining characters without prompting.

How do I achieve this without breaking point 1, but including point 2 as well?

Just a doodle –

Any suggestions will be much appreciated.

Hi @Angular_Learner

In case of dropdown cell type this is designed behavior and recently we had internal discussion about it and if it should be changed. It implements autocomplete cell type with this configuration, but it can’t be changed:

strict: true, filter: false

We decided to keep it that way and we’re not planning to change it at the moment.