How do I verify the cell or Table?

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Assuming that there is a table, the information on the table is currently imported into getSourceData and stored in the DB.

I was checking whether the data I brought to getSourceData was correct or not by turning it into the conditional statement I wrote, and when I happened to look it up in the document, there was a function called validatecell.

So I tried to use this function, but I didn’t think there was a related example, so I was curious how it was used exactly, so I left a question.

Currently, the action I want to do is simply to check whether the value that enters the cell is string or number.

Of course, I know that celltype can be changed to numbers and letters through rendering function, but only red is displayed on the screen, and exceptions are being processed separately.

Hi @curlydoggi

Could you share your recent progress in a demo? (just the part that you have to gather the data, without the server part)

Hi @curlydoggi

do we have any updates here or can we call it solved?