How to allow ManualColumnResize to reduce column size to less than 20px

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I understand that the ManualColumnResize plugin has a length floor of 20px when user adjusts the columns manually. We need it to be limitless as our users are used to our legacy application which does not have this limit.

I realized that setting colWidths of individual columns below 20px is possible, but the user is unable to shrink the columns back below 20px if they were to manually adjust them.


Cells A, B and C are now 10px wide.


User adjusts Cell C’s column width, and is now unable to shrink it below 20px anymore.

Is there anyway to bypass this feature? Thank you.

Hi @prakoso.santoso

at the moment when you use colWidths or manualColumnResize as here you do not change a choice to skip a column that is before the one you need to adjust. I can only suggest using the action of resizing to hide the column for a user when they want it to be extra thin.