How to disable pasting into a specific column?

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Is it possible to define that a specific column should not allow pasting into it?

I have the skipColumnOnPaste: true function enabled but this pastes the values into the following column.

Is there a way to define it on the column options?


If skipColumnOnPaste does not help you then you can use beforePaste hook and alter the data to remove the column you don’t want to. I guess you will use both to achieve what you have described.


How would I get the column being pasted into to stop the pasting for that column within that function? beforePaste appears to show the data you’ve just grabbed rather than the destination.

EDIT: Sorry I was wrong - the coords IS the destination, this looked like the selection I had made.

Hey @davidboom

here’s Aleksandra from Support.

Is there anything I can do for you or the case is solved?

Yes all fixed

Thank you for the update.

We can close the topic.