How to Dynamically Change Nested Object Data based on Nested Array Index

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Hello, this is follow-up to: Name rowHeader based on cell data

Essentially, I would like to dynamically change nested obj data based on index position.
Here is the jsfiddle: (please see comments on lines 6-8)

More specifically, I would like to be able to dynamically update the nestedOrder: ‘value’ with it’s corresponding index+1 in the obj data array and any __children arrays.
1st parent = nestedOrder: ‘1.0’,
1st child of 1st parent = nestedOrder: ‘1.1’
2nd child of 1st child of 1st parent = nestedOrder: ‘1.1.2’

Would need to be able to update based on drag/drop/insert/remove events
I imagine there is a way to accomplish tapping Handson’s afterRowMove method and then use array methods to push/slice/sort etc.
But skill level is not at a point where I can actually get started coding this out…



Sorry, I don’t see any method in Handsontable that could help you with that task.

Kind regards
Wojciech Czerniak