Issue when hide/show elements containing large tables

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I’m rendering a large table (10000 rows) using 300px height option inside a div. Everithing is good.
But when I set some div’s parent DOM as display:none; and then display:block;, handsontable not be shown and the render works like tried to render all the 10k rows. Browser freezes for a while.

I’ve tried set a 10ms timeout at the first render and a reload function using hot.refreshDimensions(); after parent div displayed block, but nothing happens and no errors triggered.

Is there any tip to help?

I’m using the last version.

Thank you!!

Hi @marino

Without a demo, can be hard to find a solution.

Can you attach a demo where we can reproduce the issue?
Please describe all the steps to do so.

Hi @marino

have you had time to create a demo?