Issue with nestedHeaders widths

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We have an interesting issue with the width calculation when using nestedHeaders plugin.
When hiding and showing one of the columns with a colspan attribute, table gets wrong width.

Below are three screenshots:
1 - When all columns are visible (initial state)
2 - One column is hidden
3 - The same column is again visible

Here is a sample data payload we use for nestedHeaders:
[“key”, “Name”, {label: “Another column”, colspan:3}, “Supplier contact”]

Tried on both @handsontable/react 9.x and 10.x (recently released)

1 .

Thanks )

Hi @mykytapl

How do you set up those containers (the one for Handsontable and the menu on the right side)? Here I have an example with an adjustable with of a sibling container but it does not seem to be the same case.

Hii, thanks for your response @aleksandra_budnik

(the one for Handsontable and the menu on the right side)? - yes, you are totally right with it

We use “column hiding” plugin for hide column. It works correctly with colHeaders, but with nestedHeaders we get in trouble with width.

Below is a link to video which describe this issue here is another case we can`t figure out with nestedHeaders and have any problems with sibling container

Here is a video with the expected behavior



can I ask you to resend the JSFiddle example (for it)? When I enter it I do not see your changes (only my code).

Hi @mykytapl

I just wanted to ping you about this issue. I’m here if you still need my help with the nestedHeaders.