loadData not working in vue3 typescript

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Hello erverbody, need help pls

Im trying to call handsontable and put my new data in but its just happening nothing.
Also I using the work around “as any” , but how can i call it with the actual type?
i got all imports

updateHandsontableData() {
if (!this.$refs?.hotTableComponent) {
(this.$refs.hotTableComponent as any).hotInstance.loadData(
[[‘new’, ‘data’]]
(this.$refs.hotTableComponent as any).hotInstance.render();

rowHeaders: true,
filters: true,
dropdownMenu: false,
columnSorting: true,
manualColumnResize: false,
manualRowResize: false,
contextMenu: false,
search: true,
width: ‘100%’,
height: ‘90%’,
renderAllRows: true,
preventOverflow: ‘horizontal’,
colWidths: [25, 200, 200, 100],
stretchH: ‘last’,
editor: true,

Hi @kwerki

Thank you for contacting us. Based on your code this method should work correctly. Can you please prepare a code demo in chosen sandbox to show us the issue?

Solved the issue,my pagination wasn’t working properly.
Is there any chance to call handsone with an actual type
Thanks for the response! :slight_smile:

Hi @kwerki

Thank you for the update. Handsontable as an instance doesn’t have it’s own type as for now, so casting it as any is the only option currently.