loadData shows the hidden columns again

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Hi @aleksandra_budnik

On HT 8.0.0-beta.2, when using the loadData to reload the data, the hidden columns are shown again.
Please check this jsfiddle.

  1. Click the button “Hide Second Column”.
  2. Click the button “reload data”.
    You will notice that the second column is shown again.

I am not sure if this is an issue of the loadData. I also tried render method, and it works.
Could you advice me what method should I use when I want to re-load the data and also keep the hidden columns?


Hi @lijigang.us

@aleksandra_budnik has two weeks off.

loadData loads new data to Handsontable and resets the cell meta. So this isn’t an appropriate method for your issue.

As you said, render works well and is right in this case.

Hi Jerry,

I’m back and I’d really want to know if you were able to achieve the desired result?