Missing type definition (typescript)

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We have upgraded to the latest version (11.1.0) and are experiencing missing type definitions for the samplingRatio and allowSampleDuplicates in the autoColumnSize property.

Could you please check if those types are correctly specified on your end?

Thanks and regards

Hi @jonas.witt

I checked it and it seems that only autoColumnSize has it’s own type but not its options. I have to confirm it with our developers and I get back to you tomorrow.

Hi @jonas.witt

I just get a confirmation from our dev team. Indeed those options are lacking type definitions. I will report that issue on our GitHub.

It’s reported here: https://github.com/handsontable/handsontable/issues/9383

Thank you for the confirmation. I have found another issue after the upgrade:

The ViewportColumnsCalculator is being imported like:

import { ViewportColumnsCalculator } from "handsontable/3rdparty/walkontable/src/calculator/viewportColumns";

The same import is also used in the definition of hooks where the ViewportColumnsCalculator is used as a parameter. Could you please confirm if this import is safe to use?

Many thanks

Hi @jonas.witt

This way of importing isn’t really recommended as it’s not supported by our official API.