Multiple container sampling

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I implemented a function that selects the tables needed by the user based on the php global variable, each time the function is accessed, the data simply adds one table to the second.I do not know how to solve this problem image

Hi @artem1278495

Could you specify where the Handsontable issue lays?

when the page is loaded for the first time, everything works correctly, but as soon as I press the button, the data simply overlap (this is visible from the scroll bar)
the first page load:

the second : :


that is, the data begins to be duplicated:

upd :
I understand that it is better for you to work with people who have a license, but our small company is ready to buy your product only if it can meet all our needs, while I am faced with this problem

Unfortunately I do not understand the description of your last comment. Can you please translate it to English?

changed the entry

Don’t worry. We offer guidance to anyone during the pre-sales support. But we do not do code reviews.

I’m wondering wouldn’t it be better for you to destroy the Handsontable instance instead of cleaning it. What is the next step you do when those instances are clean?