Nested Handsontable

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I am trying to implement a nested table using handsontable
There are certain issues which i am facing
This is the link to the code

And this is the snippet of the application

The problems i am facinng are

  1. Why the renderer creating multiple instances of the nested table
  2. on double click inside the nested table, why is it going back to the parent cell rather than editing the child cell
  3. How to improvise the CSS
  4. Why is colheaders not showing for nested table

Help would be appreciated

Hey @thakurshivam100

can you resend the demo? This one is broken.

Hi @aleksandra_budnik

Here is the edited link for stackblitz

The problems i am facing is

  1. How to fix the CSS
  2. When i insert a row below the cell which doesnot have the nested table, a new row is inserted, but the nested table inside the cell remains the same.
  3. The absence of colheaders in the nested table


Hey @thakurshivam100

I get


Can you check the demo?

I guess that we can close the topic as there are no updates.