New spare row after setSourceDataAtCell

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When I call setSourceDataAtCell in the spare row a new one is not created. Do I need to call some method?


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Hi @dan

Please check our migration guide to version 8.0.0

If you’d like to add value to a row that does not exist you need to add it first (for example with the call to the alter() method). Here’s an example

Hello, I am not writing to a row which does not exist. I am writing to last row in the grid. When I do it manually as a user a new spare row is created. When I do it programmatically the value is correctly written in the cell but a new spare row is not created. Also I think the afterUpdate event is not raised.

thank you

Sorry, my example did not add minSpareRows. Now it does
In my example the minSpareRows is added automatically. When I change a value in an existing row the minSpareRows are still 1.

In your demo, there’s no setSourceDataAtCell method. So if my sample doesn’t work for you, please share the bug scenario (steps, settings).