On drag afterChange hook is not working

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I am dragging the value from one cell to aother cell, but afterChange hooks is not working.
So I am not able to find out the physical index. is there any way to call afterChange hooks on dragging the value.

Hi @dprcsingh

By dragging values which of those functionalities do you have on your mind

Autofill triggers the beforeChange and afterChange, with the Autofill.fill source as mentioned here https://handsontable.com/docs/events-and-hooks/#definition-for-source-argument

The row moving action does not trigger those hooks, but trigger the beforeRowMove and afterRowMove. Ref: https://handsontable.com/docs/api/manual-row-move/#manualrowmove

Hi @dprcsingh

do we have any updates here?

That’s very nice of you. For resolving and updating so promptly.

Yes it is fixed now .

Great! I’m more than glad to hear that, @dprcsingh.

If you’d need anything, you can reach me at support@handsontable.com. I’ll be happy to help.