Paste value from a cell to all other cells in that row

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I have a requirement to provide an option to copy the value of a selected cell to all the other cells in that row. The user will right click on a cell, it should open a context menu. When the user click on the context menu item, it should copy the value from that particular cell to all other cells.

I can implement this with setDataatRowProp() function. Is there a better way to achieve this utilizing the Copy-Paste plugin?

Thank you !

Hey @prasanth.sivakumar

I will ask the team what do they think about the idea.

Currently you can do it by getting the value from getDatAtCell via getSelected() method and passing the value in the setDataAtCell loop.

Thanks Aleksandra… setDataAtCell is a performance overkill… We need to paste data to 50+ cells.

You can pass more data via loadData or just replace the data via updateSettings (those two do the same).

Hey @prasanth.sivakumar

How’s the application?

Aleksandra, i’m using setDataAtRowProp() to copy values to multiple columns… performance s reasonable…Thank you

That is really great to hear. I guess that we can close the topic then.

If you’d need anything feel free to create a new topic or send me an email at