Performance of cell function on every click/scroll?

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I am looking to dynamically set rows to ReadOnly, based on data that is the datasource. From reviewing options, it appears the only way to do this is in the cells: function call. When doing a quick test, however, it appears that the cell function is executed for any scroll or selection in the table? Below is the simple check I did and it is executing pretty continually when scrolling or clicking into a cell.

The logic I want to run would be to loop over the dataset and set specific rows to readonly, as well as set the background color to a grey. But, that would hammer performance if it executed that every click/scroll?

Is there a better way to dynamically set rows to readonly?

Also, I’m currently running the with the following version, using the react wrapper:
@handsontable/react”: “3.1.3”,
“handsontable”: “^7.4.2”,

Is there any significant performance improvements if I was to migrate to version 10? What version of react wrapper would I use?

cells: function(row, col, prop) {
return cellProperties

Hi @mhennessy7

For Handsontable v10 we have v10 of every wrapper (we switched to the name versioning).

There are a couple of ways to add the readOnly property to rows

  1. Use cells method to loop by row indexes
  2. Use cell option to set readOnly property to each cell separately
  3. Use setCellMeta() method
  4. Use custom renderer