Problem with fomular and export excel with nested header

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hi, i having a problem when i add fomular for a cell in handsontable, some fomula work but some won’t it only show the fomular instead the result, and how can i export a data with nested header.

Hi @lehoangdinhnam

I do not see any reported bugs about the use of Formulas and Nested Headers.
Adding nestedHeaders configuration to our official Formulas demo also works well. You can try it here so I think that I would need to ask for a demo from your side to check what is causing the issue. Could you prepare one for me?

i mean i want export data as csv file, but it only export the last row of header.

Ah yes, so this does not relate to the use of Formulas plugin. At the moment, we only export data based on colHeaders option, the nestedHeaders is not yet supported within the ExportToFile plugin.

tks for the support, but the problem with fomulas still there, can you give me an example how can i set fomulas into cell? i think the problem i got here is because i set fomlas on the cell that offscreen so that those cell doesn’t render yet(like AA1, AA2,…) so the fomular doesn’t understand what those cell are. I can only think of this posiible. pls help me.

Formulas should work well even when the cell is out of the viewport. Here’s an example with the K1 formula (based on A1 cell) which for smaller screens is out of the viewport.

Could you share a demo where the issue is replicable?

ty, i had sold my problem, the problem is when i put data in, i only put header but not the data.
for example : header : A1, A2, A3, A4, A5
data : [{A1:10, A2:"=A3+A4+A5"]
so when the table generate, it doesn’t understand what A3, A4, A5 is. I think this is the problem. But anyway i had sold the problem, tks for your help. ^^

I’m happy to hear that we have made progress.

I’ll close this forum thread as solved. However, if you need anything more than that, please feel free to open a new thread or email us at

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