Push entire handson table at once

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I have handson table which has around 20 columns and no.of records. I want to push entire table at once. Please help.

Currently I am writing below code. But it is having multiple records and performance hit while update. means If I tried to change 10 columns for one record. It is storing 10 records in dataobject.

this.check(this.hotTable11.getDataAtRow(row[0][0]), this.changedDataBefore)
var dataObj = this.prepareData(this.hotTable11.getDataAtRow(row[0][0]), this.columnsBefore);
if (dataObj[‘Parameter’] != ‘’ && dataObj[‘Parameter’] != null) {

Hi @madanmame,
I see you don’t have an active license and support plan.
Please contact our sales team at sales@handsontable.com.