Random table scrolling after using 'afterSelection'

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When I started using the ‘afterSelection’ hook, I got an unpleasant bug: when clicking on cells, the table accidentally scrolls sometimes to the left, sometimes to the right, with the selection of cells.
The ‘preventScrolling.value = true’ property does not help.
When I remove afterSelection this random scroll disappears, it repeats when using ‘afterSelectionEnd’
What else can be used to remove this behavior? Help me please)

Hi @tosca

Could you share the logic that was problematic in a JSfiddle or any other sandBox? I would like to debug it.

Hello) Now I can not transfer the code to the sandbox, but I found that there is a conflict between ‘columnSorting’ and the function passed to ‘afterSelection’. When I remove the ‘columnSorting’ table jumps are reduced and the header stops jumping and disappearing.

Without the understanding of your application, I do not have bigger changes to guide you on how to avoid the error and use sorting at the same time.

I’ll try to create the example.