Recording time eg for 1500m runs

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Hello I am using handsontable in a performance team

please can you tell me how to handle time based formatting eg mins:seconds or hh:mm:ss



Hi @james

We have a time cell type but I guess that you need to perform some calculations, right? Can you share an i/o data example?

Hey @james

any updates?

I can see the time cell

Would we be able to do calculations

For example show the last 10 1500m times for an athlete or marathon times

Look at the standard deviation etc ?

Not sure how to handle the fields

That shouldn’t be an issue. You should use the time in any desired format and if you wish to add letters (like seconds = s) while keeping the time variable as a number you can use a custom renderer that runs like this

td.innerHTML = value + 's'

Have you already started? If you have some demos I’d be happy to take a look.

I think that we can close this topic as there’s no update for 20 days.