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Hi, my hot table is connected with meteor db. Every time I make changes in table, I fire my meteor methods on hot events (i.e. afterChange) and updating my db, after db has been updated reactively my table updates.

The problem is that I have dynamic fields(columns) storing in my db as a table. So, every time I try to reorder columns, one of my column “tags” which is represented as HotColumn with Tags component inside of it, emptys its data. I noticed that it occurs when I try to replace tags column with type of ‘text’ with any other column with other type, if other column is of type ‘text’ this bug doesnt occur. So, I’ve tried to remove validation from the column tags, or always fire validation’s calllback with true, but it didn’t help. How can I remove validation from a certain column or may be the problem is out of this issue?

  { => {
    switch (f.alias) {
      case 'tags':
        return (
            validator={(query, callback) => {
            <TableTags hot-renderer hot-editor />
        return <HotColumn width={f.width} allowInvalid type={f.type} key={f.alias} data={f.alias} />;

Hi @lander89

Could I ask you to provide the logic via JSFiddle/CodePen or any other JS playground? It would be much easier to share code samples and debug the code.

Ok, thank u, Akeksandra. I fixed it by firing validateColumns method with certain indexes.

Thank you for the update @lander89

I’m glad to hear that it works well for you