Round + Average function does n't work in the dinamic table

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Here I’m again, the problem this time is that the formulas don’t work if I do not do click in the next cell, this is the formula:
total: =ROUND(AVERAGE(D${tblCajas_data.length+6}:J${tblCajas_data.length+6}), 2)

After doble click in the all cells in the row:

After doble clic in the cell with the number two (2) :

This last event change the result in the Total column

Help me please, also I tried with setDataAtCell method

Hi @valenciapipe1

Could you create a demo where the issue can be replicable? We’ve been reported about some issues with formula calculations.

Here is a list of those issues"Type%3A+Bug"+-label%3A"Column+sorting"+-label%3A"Merge+cells"+-label%3AFiltering+-label%3AMoving++calculate

Does any of the issues listed above sound like the issue you’re having?

This is a demo where the problem appears

I will read the articles of the link probably I find the answer there while you can help me

Hi @valenciapipe1

those formulas seem to work as expected. The only issue I can see here is the #VALUE! error. But this occurs as there’s something wrong with the way your formula is typed.

Hi, @aleksandra_budnik
In the demo is the formulas that I use to settings in the tables, please would you tell me where is the error?

Thanks you

I commented out the readOnly state for the Total column (as it is easier to debug) and it turns out that you want to get an average value of a cell that is blank (Lunes / Ratio). The same goes for Domingo at the Ratio row. Both of those cells has to be a number (can be 0) to get this formula working.

I understand but if I put a valor in the other cells, for example, cero (0) this number count in the operation and it affects the result.

On the other hand if I click twice on one cell of the row, this action change the result of the formula in the total column

I have sent you a message, @valenciapipe1

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