Row Grouping

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Is there any functionality in handsontable that does row grouping (for particular columns) based on the data received. I tried using the nestedRows feature which requires the data to be as array of objects and __children property in the parent element. But for my requirement, I get data from backend (using python flask) and is in the format of a 2D list [attaching sample data]. Since the data might be large, declaring the data as an array of objects might not be possible.
I need the output table to be in a similar format as showed in nestedRows documentation :

Hi @naras

The nestedRows functionality requires the __children element in the dataset. It won’t work without it. So you can either map the dataset you get or use batch() method to run alter() (like here with setDataAtCell() with the new data. But that’s a lot of code, so running map() before loading data to Handsontable sounds like a better idea.

You can also think about using the original dataset but provide some visual changes for the rows (like a text intent or a bigger font size for the parent row). There’s also an ability to alter row header labels based on a given row index.

If you could share the list of requirements for the table UI and reactivity maybe I could share some other tips.

Hi @naras

I am closing this issue as there have been no updates for more than a month.