Row Header Width

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How can I fix the width of the row header ?
I tried these options :

  1. colWidths: 200
  2. this.hotRegisterer.getInstance({ rowHeaderWidth: 200})

But, I have no changes in my table.
I’m using angular to display handsontable component

in my json.package, I have this version: “@handsontable/angular”: “^5.1.0”

Thanks for help !

Hi @severin.chazalmartin

is the rowHeaderWidth option that you looked for?


I just told you that I tried this option but it doesn’t work
This is my code :

 this.hotSettings = {
        data: this.getDataRows(),
        colHeaders: this.generateRowHeader(),
        rowHeaders: this.generateColHeader(),
        rowHeaderWidth: 500

what is missing ?

Oh yes, sorry. But, the rowHeaderWidth is working in a demo. It just doesn’t extend your row headers?

Yes this doesn’t increase the width of the rowheaders

Maybe the hotSettings are not executed. Can you add any other options that haven’t been added to the initialization?
Maybe there are some console errors? What version of Handsontable does your @handsontable/angular”: “^5.1.0” use? Here I am using handsontable/angular 5.1.0 and the option is loaded.